Andreev Invest

About us

Andreev Invest is a private company founded in 2006. in Varna, which was established to work in a new field in the real estate market, namely the preparation of ready-made investment proposals and their implementation, thus protecting its clients from risky investments and at the same time we offer reasonable prices for the finished end product.

Andreev Invest works with both end customers and small and medium investors offering them opportunities for inclusion in new construction at the stage of conceptual designs or in the construction process of apartment type buildings.

We at Andreev Invest can not only offer high quality construction, but also constantly upgrading the materials used in the process following the latest trends in facade systems, complete heating and cooling systems for buildings, smart homes and others. In this way we guarantee the investor’s actual up-to-date offer, as well as maintaining and increasing the value of our objects creating Sustainable buildings of a new generation.