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The vision of the building is modernist. The clean line and combination of different types of materials emphasize the heavy and light volumes, creating different shapes, while giving the feeling of balance and harmony between them. Glass railings enhance the feeling of space, and large windows provide harmonious access to the apartments with the environment.


Location: Varna
Stage: under construction
Total built-up area of ​​the building: 1804 sq.m.
Number of apartments: 10 apartments

The construction of the buildings is a monolithic reinforced concrete beamless with contour beams, made of concrete with a compressive strength class: C25 / 30 for all structural elements.

The waterproofing of the building in the foundations will be made with the addition of concrete to increase the watertightness of the concrete. The roofs and outdoor terraces will be finished with a PVC membrane, mechanically connected by SIKA.

The external enclosing walls are made of brickwork, made of ceramic bricks by WIENERBERGER – a leading Austrian company in the production of ceramic products for construction. Specifically on the southern facade are made of bricks with a thickness of 38 cm. with built-in mineral wool, which gives unique temperature comfort and favors the humidity levels in the rooms to be optimally healthy. At the same time it provides a solid foundation for subsequent facade coating.

The external walls on the south facade are plastered with lime-cement plaster before installation of facade cladding

Facade cladding will be a combination of several materials:

  • Large size limestone slabs designed, surface treated to reduce dust and particle retention. Glued with high-grade glue and mechanically attached to the facade;
  • Etalbond on terrace and canopy boards;
  • Wooden ceiling cladding on terraces made of treated Thermo wood;
  • Suspended facade by FunderMax;

Joinery and facade systems:

  • Aluminum windows with external installation of the Beygian company Reynaers;
  • High class PVC windows of the German manufacturer Rehau;
  • Low emission four-season glass with double glazing;

Glass railings with light mirror filter on balconies and terraces.

High luxury armored entrance doors with a height of 220 cm. of a leading Greek manufacturer.

We provide central heating for the whole building, including domestic hot water. The same will be done through a complete system of the German company Oventrop. As water heating will be carried out on gas in a separate boiler room provided for this purpose, and inside the building will be supplied only hot water distributed among the individual apartments.

In each apartment will be built underfloor heating on 4 cm pad of thermal insulation in all rooms, with separate temperature controllers for each room.

The same creates comfort for equalizing the temperature in the rooms and tempering the whole building, which in turn creates a unique feeling of living in the rooms and at the same time significantly reduces monthly bills.

Air conditioning for all apartments is provided with installation of a pipeline, drainage and stands for concealed installation of outdoor units in designated areas.

Provided places and power supply for facades Vertical window shutters / blinds, which are mainly used for sun protection of windows and entire glazed facades, as well as private homes and public buildings. Particularly relevant for the sun protection of entire buildings with a predominantly glass facade are the vertical awnings with materials with a mesh structure of the SCREEN and SOLTIS class.

The floors will be soundproofed by placing a special layer on which will be laid 4 cm pad for underfloor heating and screed separated from the wall so-called floating under. Which will contribute to the comfortable living of the home not only as climatic conditions but also through reduced household noise from the surrounding apartments.

In addition, the double glazing of the windows, which will be installed and covered with strips to reduce noise from the outside environment, will help for this effect.

The complete construction of an underfloor heating system will reduce the noise from the standard convector units with a built-in fan.

Metal armored front doors of a leading Greek manufacturer with the necessary seals.

At the customer’s request, a smart home system can be built to manage underfloor heating, air conditioning, blinds and awnings as well as lighting.